• I feel compelled to write and tell you how impressed I was with Cape Lavender. Everything was perfect ... the presentation, the service, the price, the value for money etc etc. Congratulations and thank you.

    Jacquie W
  • I purchased a jar of your lavender face cream and may I tell you how beautiful it is. I am chemically sensitive and suffer from scleroderma and have tried just about every product on the market. Your face cream is the only product that softens my hardened skin and yet also helps relieve the redness. It is even OK for me to use around the eye area. I can tell you this face cream is the best product I have ever used and I will recommend it to the scleroderma foundation in Australia and USA.

    Leanne P
  • One of my customers suffered very bad burns in a car accident about 4 years ago. She still experiences discomfort and tightening of the skin and says the only thing that helps is Cape Lavender Bath Oil. So thanks for getting the order to us so quickly.

    Be Tempted
  • My young son has a long term hip disease and I tried Cape Lavender Arthritic Balm. He now uses it every night as he feels it really helps him.

    Kathleen M
  • I have had terrible trouble sleeping for most of my adult life. I am now 68 and last year someone recommended Cape Lavender’s Sleep Balm to me. What a revelation! I now sleep right through and don’t know how I ever managed without it! Thank you!

    Margaret L
  • I have suffered from dreadful arthritic pains in my hands for years. Cape Lavender’s Arthritic Balm is the only thing to give me any relief. I just rub a little in a couple of times a day and I feel human again.

    David R
  • If I ever get a headache I rub a little Cape Lavender Pulse Point Oil into my temples and within 20 minutes the pain has completely gone. I love the handy roll-on bottle too, I can carry it everywhere.

    Jan B
  • My 77 year old mother had a dreadful skin rash all over her abdomen. I gave her some Cape Lavender Healer and a few days later the rash had disappeared.

    Julie L
  • I work in the catering industry and always keep a jar of Cape Lavender Healer in the kitchen. It's the best thing I’ve found for small burns and cuts.

    Louise G
  • I love your products and your realistic prices.

    Peter S
  • I bought the Cape Lavender Sleep Balm for my daughter who is an air hostess. The constant travel and adjusting to different time zones made it very hard for her to get a good night's sleep and nothing seemed to help until she used your balm.

    Rita M
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